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Rancher Gets Hitched

All the women who've been harboring a secret crush on Zane Nicholson must be crying into their pillows this morning. Last night, the rancher married the love of his life—a Los Angeles woman he met only a month ago—in a beautiful sunset ceremony on the Nicholson Ranch.

The bride certainly didn't look like a city girl as she walked down the aisle between goat pens wearing cowboy boots with her wedding dress, carrying a bouquet of white daisies and orange roses. Destiny Gilmore and her sister Starr played an acoustic guitar duet in lieu of the traditional Here Comes the Bride. Despite the rustic touches, the overall feel of the wedding was elegance, thanks for the skills of event planner Dellina Ridge.

The only slightly awkward moment came after dinner, when the bride asked the single women to gather for a chance to catch the bouquet. Her maid of honor, Maya, was nowhere to be found. Nor was her date for the evening. Both had mysteriously disappeared, which caused a ripple of laughter to move through the crowd.

"You snooze, you lose!" Madeline Krug shouted. She outdove the other women in the bid for the bouquet, then rose, holding it triumphantly over her head. "I'm the next one to get married!"

Want more wedding details? Read Thrill Me to get the full scoop… including what Maya and Del were doing when they disappeared. Be sure to click like if you enjoy these Fool's Gold updates!

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