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Will There Be a Triple Honeymoon?

Three identical wedding cake toppersOn New Year’s Eve, the Hendrix triplets of Fool’s Gold – Dakota, Montana, and Nevada – will marry the men they love – Finn Andersson, Simon Bradley, and Tucker Janack, respectively. The three women have shared nearly every major life event since birth including, now, their wedding days. So we wanted to know: Will they go on a triple honeymoon?

The truth is, they don’t know. Their husbands-to-be allowed the triplets to decide every aspect of the triple wedding, but the men have insisted on planning the honeymoons as a surprise for their brides. The sisters don’t know where they’re going or whether they’ll be with each other.

“Whatever Simon decides is fine with me,” insists Montana, refusing to state a preference lest she hurt her fiancé’s feelings.

The three women are sitting together at Ambrosia Bakery, tasting wedding cakes. Theirs is a big family, and they have a lot of friends, so they’ve decided to have three cakes of different flavors to give their guests a choice.

“I agree,” says Dakota. “Even if Finn wants to go to Alaska in January, it’s okay with me. Think of all the snuggling we’d have to do to stay warm! A roaring fire, a nice mug of hot apple cider. Unfermented, of course.” She lays a hand gently on her stomach.

“I love you both,” Nevada says around a mouth full of raspberry cream, “but I don’t want you on my honeymoon.”

“Since I got engaged first,” Dakota says, “you would be on my honeymoon."

“Whatever. All I know is, I want to be alone with my husband for a couple of weeks.”

“Your husband!” the three sisters say together, then dissolve into a fit of happy giggles.

Where do you think the triplets should go on their honeymoons? Would you ever go on a joint honeymoon with your sister?

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