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Troublemakers on Mother Bear Road

Next time you take a picnic out to one of the favorite picnic spots along scenic Mother Bear Road outside of Fool's Gold, watch out for a gang of troublemakers who have been causing havoc for the past month.

Athena the goat“They came crashing through the woods and ate all our food,” says eleven-year-old Tyler Hendrix.

“They even ate my notebook,” added his cousin Abby Sutton, 13. “I was writing a poem, but now it’s gone.”

“They pooped your poem on my blanket!” Tyler shouted before doubling over with laughter.

“They” are a herd of eight goats from the Castle Ranch. The Castle Ranch was purchased late last year by Heidi Simpson, known locally as Heidi the Goat Girl. She lives there with her grandfather Glen and eight normally docile goats.

“I’m so sorry,” Heidi told the Fool’s Gold Daily Republic when we called her for comment. “I don’t know how they keep getting out. Athena is their ringleader, and she’s too smart for her own good. I’ll make full restitution, of course. And I’d like to invite Liz, Ethan, and the kids to come out to the ranch. I’ll teach them how to milk a goat.”

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