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A Baby for Christmas

Things have changed a lot over the past year at the Castle Ranch! On Christmas 2012, Heidi Simpson and her grandfather Glen quietly exchanged gifts, then prepared a special holiday treat for Heidi’s herd of goats. This year, there was more of everything – more animals, more gifts, more people… more love. Not only did Heidi and Glen both get married this year – to Rafe Stryker and his mother, respectively – but they also shared the holiday with Rafe’s three siblings and their significant others. All told, there were eight adults around the Christmas tree when Heidi surprised her husband of four months with a gift that would change his life.

Team Baby Button“Good things come in small packages,” Rafe joked when Heidi handed him a small silver box with a glittery red bow.

“I hope you’ll like it,” Heidi said quietly, her gaze glued to him.

He untied the bow and lifted the lid. Inside, cushioned on a pillow of white cotton, was a round button that said, “TEAM BABY.” Rafe blinked at the button, then looked up with glistening eyes. “You mean…?”

“I’m pregnant!” Heidi confirmed. “I was going to tell you last night after the Dance of the Winter King, but with all the excitement about Evie and Dante getting togeth—“

Rafe cupped her head in his hands and rained kisses on her face, finishing with a tender, lingering kiss on her lips.

“We’re going to have a baby,” he said with awe in his voice.

Annabelle, their soon-to-be sister-in-law, who is five months pregnant herself, burst into tears. “Our babies are going to be first cousins! I’m so happy!”

“Oh Lord,” muttered their friend Charlie, who’s engaged to Clay Stryker, “here come the hormones!”

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Heidi and Rafe’s baby is due in July 2013. If you were attending Heidi’s baby shower, what would you bring?

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