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Introducing Hunter Ethan Golden

Baby Hunter on a camouflage blanketIt’s a boy for Fool’s Gold residents Josh and Charity Golden! Hunter Ethan Golden was born on March 18 at 3:34 p.m. The Goldens, who met in 2010 when Charity started as the new City Planner, already have one child, Fiona, 2.

“Fifi is proud to be a big sister,” Josh says. He, too, is visibly proud to be a father. “Raising kids with Charity is the most exciting thing I’ve ever done,” he says. And that’s really saying something, since Josh has traveled the world to compete in some of the most exciting bicycle races on the planet.

The only person who doesn’t seem to be 100% thrilled about Hunter’s arrival is Nevada Janack.

“No, really, I’m happy for them,” Nevada insists. “Just a little jealous.”

Nevada is pregnant, and her due date was last week. But her baby seems quite content where he or she is. No matter what Nevada does, she hasn’t been able to convince the baby it’s time to come out.

“I’ve tried spicy foods, walking, sex –“

“I’m doing my part!” says her husband Tucker with a satisfied smile.

“Maybe if I hold baby Hunter, my baby will get jealous and come out,” Nevada says. “I know my triplet sisters and I were always jealous when our parents paid too much attention to the other two.”

Do you have any advice for Nevada, whether about going into labor or about being a first-time mom?

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