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Birth Announcement: Clara May Stryker

Baby Clara from Fool's GoldFelicia Swift, the town’s new event planner, isn’t the person who feels the greatest sense of accomplishment after the successful wrap-up of the Fourth of July Festival. That person is Heidi Stryker, whose water broke Sunday morning while she was eating an elephant ear.

“She’d been in labor for a couple hours already,” her husband Rafe says, “but she hid it from me.”

“They’re really good elephant ears,” Heidi explains.

Rafe rushed her to the Fool’s Gold Hospital and never left her side.

“Every nurse in the hospital found some excuse to come to the waiting room to look at Clay,” says Annabelle Weiss, who is engaged to Rafe’s brother Shane. Clay, the third Stryker brother, was once a famous underwear model who now runs a vacation ranch outside of town. “My favorite was the woman who said she lost a contact and asked Clay to get down on the floor to look for it. She was wearing glasses.”

Annabelle is a new mom herself. She’s holding her three-month-old son Wyatt, who smiles at his mother as if she is the most entertaining person in the world.

Clara May Stryker was born at 11:43 a.m. on July 7. She weighed 6 pounds, 3 ounces. She has her mother’s nose and her father’s dark hair. She’s pictured here in a tutu from her aunt Evie, a local dance instructor.

What is the perfect gift for Heidi and Rafe’s beautiful baby girl?

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