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Longtime Local Veterinarian Selling Her Practice

Dr. Mavis Rivera, Fool's Gold vet and unnamed smiling catDr. Mavis Rivera, owner of the Fool’s Gold Animal Clinic, has announced that she will retire next year. She is currently looking for a buyer for the clinic, someone who will take over her practice so that her four-legged patients receive uninterrupted care.

“I have a responsibility to Fool’s Gold,” Dr. Mavis said. “I’m not going to let just anyone come in here. I’ve got three requirements: Has to be a good doctor, has to be a man, and has to be a looker! And no sixty-year-olds, either. We need fresh blood around here. There’s a man shortage in Fool’s Gold, even if the mayor and her people don’t want us to talk about it in public.”

The irascible vet shrugs off concerns of sexism in the search for a buyer. But then, she has always been plainspoken. Her unguarded tongue has gotten her into trouble over her past 35 years in practice, but has also led to many improvements in Fool’s Gold, including the no-kill policy that went into effect at the animal shelter six years ago.

“Every animal is precious,” she said at the time.

From the sounds of it, Dr. Mavis does not plan to rest much during her retirement.

“Couple years ago, I got into geo-caching,” she says. “Sort of an online treasure hunt. And there are a lot of caches hidden in the hills around Fool’s Gold. Every morning, I’m going to strap on the hiking boots, and the dog and I are going to go out and find a treasure. And after I’ve found them all, I’m going to hide some for other people to find.”

Dr. Mavis is advertising her business online and in veterinary magazines, but she asks locals to help spread the word with tourists. “People come to Fool’s Gold and fall in love,” she says. “One of those people might just be the perfect fit for my clinic.”

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