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April Fool’s Gold Day Festival

April 1 may be April Fool’s Day in the rest of the world, but here in the California wine country, it’s April Fool’s Gold Day! This annual tradition of town pranks has become hugely popular with locals and tourists alike. Every year, local merchants exchange signs so that shoppers are never quite sure which store they’re in. Customers are surprised with free merchandise prizes throughout the day. Local restaurants switch menus with other restaurants, so that you might get Mexican food at the Irish pub or Italian food at the hot dog stand.

In Pyrite Park, celebrants play traditional outdoor games with a twist. Youngsters (who come dressed as old people) have a great time racing each other around the park in wheelchairs. Meanwhile, the hopscotch tournament for adults is one of the most popular activities on the calendar. Last year, septuagenarian Eddie Carberry took home the trophy.

“I’ve worked for an athlete for years,” says Carberry, who works for local celebrity Josh Golden, “so I know how important training is. I’ve been playing hopscotch at the playground every morning for a week to get in shape!”

Other popular activities include a contest for the child with the best old person costume and the adult with the best child costume, snail races (with snails from our very own yards racing to the finish line – an all-day event), and the hilarious four-legged sack race. For more information or to rent a vendor booth, please contact City Event Planner Pia O’Brian.

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