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Ford Hendrix Saves Christmas

U.S. Tattletale NewspaperThis week, the international press was filled with stories of an act of heroism performed by an anonymous Navy SEAL. We have it on good authority that the hero in question is none other than Ford Hendrix, who was born and raised right here in Fool’s Gold.

Our “good authority” is Ford’s mother Denise Hendrix, who purchased every newspaper in town and is handing them out like candy in a parade.

“Be sure to tell your single female friends about this,” Denise said as she gave people the newspaper. “Ford’s coming home soon, and we need to work together to find him a wife.”

We called Ford for a comment (about the news story, not about his mom’s matchmaking), but he declined to make a statement other than, “A Navy SEAL does what needs to be done.”

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