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For the First Time... Mr. and Mrs. Shane and Annabelle Stryker

Couple laughing on the beachAfter more than a year of being engaged, Shane Stryker and Annabelle Weiss finally tied the knot on Saturday, September 14. Along with a large cadre of family and friends from Fool’s Gold, including the couple’s five-month-old son Wyatt, they headed south for a destination wedding in Mischief Bay, California.

“Dellina Hopkins planned the whole thing,” Annabelle said. “She did such a great job planning Charlie and Clay’s wedding that I begged her to help us, too.”

Dellina arranged for a tour bus for the six-hour trip. The bride and groom rode separately in a black stretch limo, not subscribing to the superstition of not seeing each other before the wedding.

Baby Wyatt on beach in cowboy hat“We haven’t exactly followed the traditional path,” Annabelle said. “I wanted to wait until after Wyatt was born, and then I had to lose the baby weight. Strykers make big babies! Wyatt was bigger than every kid in the nursery!”

Annabelle wore a surprisingly formal gown for the beach wedding, as well as four-inch heels.

“Dellina arranged for us to say our vows on the boardwalk instead of walking across the sand so Annabelle wouldn’t have to go barefoot. She knows my wife well,” Shane said as he wrapped an arm around his bride’s shoulders.

“I’m too short,” Annabelle explained.

“You’re perfect,” Shane said.

Click like to congratulate Annabelle and Shane, who met in 2012 in SUMMER NIGHTS!

What gift would be perfect for the newly married cowboy and librarian?

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