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Fool’s Gold Is in for a Dose of Reality

Despite the efforts of the mayor and the city council, Fool’s Gold is in for a serious dose of reality. Reality TV, that is. The town has been unable to find a legal way to deny filming permits to the company producing the summer reality show, True Love or Fool’s Gold. Whether the women of Fool’s Gold like it or not, handsome men will flood to town next month to audition.

True Love or Fool's Gold reality show

“The world needs another reality dating show,” says producer Geoff Spielberg, apparently without irony, “and Fool’s Gold is perfect. You’ve got lonely women, I’ll bring the sexy men.”

Police Chief Alice Barns is bracing herself for trouble. “Women in Fool’s Gold don’t appreciate being called ‘lonely’ in that condescending tone of voice. I told him if he’s gonna talk like that, he ought to bring his own personal security detail. But as usual, I’ll probably have to protect the idiot.”

Mayor Marsha has asked Dakota Hendrix, one of the Hendrix triplets, to serve in an official capacity as the town’s liaison with the production company. Like all locals, Dakota couldn’t say no to the mayor… even though she really, really wanted to.

So anyone who has a complaint about the reality show should speak to Dakota. And anyone who’s thinking of auditioning for the reality show should have her head examined.

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