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Family Man Air Charters

Hannah on a blanket, smilingA small crowd gathered outside Fool’s Gold City Hall to celebrate what should be an everyday occurrence – a new business owner applying for a permit. Why the big fuss? Because this particular business owner is Finn Andersson, who recently became engaged to Dakota Hendrix. When the Hendrix clan is involved, every occasion becomes an Event.

Dakota, her daughter Hannah, her triplet sisters Montana and Nevada, her mother Denise, her brother Ethan, his wife Liz, their three kids, and Finn’s younger twin brothers were all on hand for the filing of the permit. . . which seems particularly appropriate, in light of the name Andersson has chosen for his business.

“I’m calling it Family Man Air Charters,” Finn says as he gazes proudly at Hannah, who’s laughing from atop a blanket on City Hall’s front lawn. “Family means a lot to me.”

“To all of us,” Dakota adds. “After Mayor Marsha signs the permit application, we’re all going to Margaritaville.”

“Nothing says ‘woo hoo’ like chips and guac,” Montana Hendrix says. The tiny poodle in her arms gives her a little kiss. Montana almost always has a service dog with her these days. “Yes, you’re coming with us, Cece. You’re in training.”

Family Man Air Charters isn’t exactly a new business. Finn is in the process of purchasing Hamilton Air Service, which has operated in Fool’s Gold for around fifty years. Hamilton says he’s thrilled to hand over the reins to someone who can serve the community for the next fifty years.

Dakota and Finn meet and fall in love within the pages of ONLY MINE. Read a free excerpt on the Bookstore page.

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