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Liz Sutton Hits a New High on Bestsellers List

Stone Cold Dead by Liz SuttonOne of Fool’s Gold’s favorite daughters has hit the New York Times bestsellers list again with the release of her latest book – this time at Number One on the hardcover fiction list. Stone Gold Dead by Liz Sutton is at the very top of the prestigious list.

Sutton’s popular series of detective novels is based in San Francisco, where she has lived since her abrupt departure from Fool’s Gold just after high school. Although she has yet to return to our small town, the residents of Fool’s Gold have never forgotten about her. The town remains proud that Sutton was born and raised here, and she is honored in absentia each August at the annual Book Fair.

“That girl loved books about horses,” says Morgan, the owner of Morgan’s books. “I never would’ve guessed she’d write murder mysteries. Not surprised she became a writer, though. She was a quiet little thing, but there was a lot going on in her head, you could tell.”

Longtimers in Fool’s Gold will see the book’s release as a new opportunity to tease local business owner Ethan Hendrix. In Stone Gold Dead, as in all of Sutton’s books, a character who looks suspiciously similar to Ethan is murdered in a most grisly manner. No one is quite sure why she keeps killing Ethan, and he’s not talking.

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