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Christmas Day with Kenny, Bailey, and Chloe

An exclusive epilog to YOURS FOR CHRISTMAS...

“Look,” Bailey Voss whispered. “She’s smiling in her sleep.”

Bailey and her new fiancé were standing in the doorway of her daughter’s bedroom. They’d come to check on the seven-year-old when they realized they hadn’t heard a peep from her in over an hour. A flush of warmth washed through Bailey. Kenny’s kisses were quite the distraction.

“I’ve never been this happy,” Kenny whispered back, a tinge of awe in his voice.

Bailey’s eyes filled with tears. “Me either.”

She smoothed hair off her daughter’s forehead and kissed her softly as she pulled the princess blanket up over her thin shoulders. As she reached for the light switch, she noticed a small stack of drawings on the desk. At the top of the stack was a drawing of two people kissing next to the Christmas tree. She recognized her own long, red hair. Chloe had written, “Mom and Kenny kissed all day.”

Bailey slapped a hand over her mouth to hold in the burst of embarrassed laughter. Kenny raised his eyebrows in question, so she showed him the drawing.

He grinned. “Day’s not over yet.”

They left the door open a crack, then returned to the living room. He pulled her onto his lap. Bailey felt almost delicate against his massive chest. It had been a long time since she’d felt so safe, if ever.

“Let’s see the rest of those drawings,” he said.

And he loved her daughter! He delighted in everything the little girl did and said. Finally, there was one other person who knew that Chloe was the cutest, smartest, kindest girl in the world.

They flipped slowly through the other drawings of Chloe’s take on the Christmas Day they had shared. The best Christmas ever, Bailey thought, filled with joy and wonder. And the first of a lifetime of Christmases they would spend together.

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