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The Bride Said 'I'm huge'

“I’m huge” doesn’t have quite the same ring to it as “I do,” but those are the words most guests will remember from the wedding of Pia O’Brian and Raoul Moreno. Pia, who is about five months pregnant with twins, exclaimed the infamous words at the altar when she caught a glimpse of her reflection in the priest’s glasses. Unfortunately, her ill-timed comment came right after the priest had asked, “Do you take this man to be your husband?”

Raoul cupped his soon-to-be-wife’s face in his hands, kissed her tenderly, and said, “You’re beautiful.”

Bride Pia and Bridesmaid DakotaThe guests on the groom’s side – his former high school football coach, Eric “Hawk” Hawkins, his wife Nicole, and their children, plus about a dozen of Raoul’s former Dallas Cowboys teammates who sat shoulder to shoulder in the first three rows – pretended politely that they didn’t hear what Pia said. But the bride’s friends had no qualms about teasing her at the reception afterward.

“How are you?” Mayor Marsha Tilson asked bridesmaid Dakota Hendrix as she approached the receiving line.

“I’m huge,” Dakota replied without missing a beat. “How are you?”

Pia took the jokes with good humor. “You’re just jealous because I’m married, and you’re sad and lonely. Kind of pathetic, actually.”

“Hey, at least I didn’t have a combination baby shower/bachelorette party,” Dakota returned.

“Her wedding registry is at Toys R Us,” added Dakota’s sister Montana. Their triplet sister Nevada tried to quiet their jokes to no avail.

The twins Pia is carrying aren’t biologically hers, though she and Raoul will be raising the children as their own, along with their adopted son Peter. Last year, Pia received a most unusual inheritance: the frozen embryos of her late best friend, Crystal Danes, and she honored her friend’s wishes to give the babies life.

“I didn’t want to wait to get married until the babies were born,” Raoul said as he slipped an arm around his wife’s shoulders. “I wasn’t about to let her get away.”

“I didn’t want to wait either,” Pia said, “but I never imagined I’d feel a baby kick my bladder on my wedding day.”

Sign Pia and Raoul’s guestbook by posting a comment below. The happy couple has asked guests to suggest names for the babies. They’re expecting two daughters.

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