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Introducing Mr. and Mrs. Hendrix

At last.

Liz and Ethan's wedding cakeThat was the thought on everyone’s mind as Ethan Hendrix and Liz Sutton shared their first dance as bride and groom to, appropriately, At Last by Etta James. The couple reunited recently after years apart. Tears glinted in many eyes as the crowd watched the romantic scene, though the couple’s ten-year-old son Tyler was playing tag in the parking lot with his new cousins at the time. He seems to enjoy being part of a huge family.

The black-tie wedding reception was held at Henri’s, the five-star restaurant at the Gold Rush Ski Lodge. By contrast, the wedding was held at the quaint Chapel in the Woods, one of the most popular wedding venues in Fool’s Gold.

Chapel in the Woods

“I wanted to honor Ethan’s family’s heritage in Fool’s Gold,” Liz said. “His great-great- grandparents got married in the very same chapel.”

Bouquet in autumn colorsTyler walked his mother down the aisle and then served as Best Man. Liz’s niece Melissa was the Maid of Honor, and her younger sister Abby was the flower girl.

“I’m not a ‘rustic’ kind of girl,” Liz continued. “The Chapel in the Woods is as outdoorsy as I ever want to get, so we went all out with the reception.”

The countryside around Fool’s Gold is brilliant with red, yellow, and orange, a perfect complement to the autumn colors of the wedding and the bride’s gorgeous auburn updo.

In a toast welcoming Liz to the family, new mother-in-law Denise Hendrix said, “You’re like the daughter I never had.”

At which point, her triplet daughters wore identical looks of outrage. Dakota, Montana, and Nevada simultaneously threw their dinner rolls at their mother, and the crowd roared.

Ethan and Liz leave tomorrow for their honeymoon in Ireland. Tyler, Melissa, and Abby will enjoy being spoiled by their new grandmother for two whole weeks.

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