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Is Super Stud Josh Golden Engaged?

Hearts are breaking all over Hollywood today. Rumor has it that the world’s most eligible bachelor isn’t quite so eligible anymore and won’t be a bachelor much longer. Champion cyclist Josh Golden has a new girlfriend – and she’s wearing a suspiciously large diamond on her left hand.

Josh Golden and Charity Jones of Fool's Gold, CaliforniaGolden is best known for being the second-youngest winner of the Tour de France, but his dating exploits are nearly as legendary. He has left behind a trail of some of the most beautiful women in the world, including actress Angelique, star of last year’s top-grossing film, Not My Sister, Two.

So who is Charity Jones, the woman who has captured the Golden heart? No one seems to know. Or maybe they’re just not saying. Could it be that Ms. Jones has something to hide?

“No comment,” says Marsha Tilson, Mayor of Fool’s Gold, California. The mayor has hosted the young couple at her home on numerous occasions, according to the local rumor mill, but she refuses to speak publicly about anything but the upcoming waterskiing festival.

Golden won’t comment, either. When asked about his new ladylove, he only smiles.

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