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Score PR Brings Famous Football Players to Fool's Gold

Score PR logoOn Monday, January 13, the Chamber of Commerce held the best attended ribbon-cutting ceremony in Fool's Gold history when the town welcomed Score PR to the Land of Happy Endings. Over 200 women turned up at 9 a.m. despite the chilly weather, dressed not for warmth but for attention, hoping to catch the eye of one the three famous former professional football players who, along with their female partner, Taryn Crawford, own the successful marketing and public relations firm. Jack McGarry, Sam Ridge, and Kenny Scott took home the Super Bowl championship for the L.A. Stallions, then retired from the game on top. The men first came to Fool's Gold last summer to play in a Pro-Am golf tournament organized by local Raoul Moreno, who used to play for the Dallas Cowboys.

"They say Kenny Scott has magic hands," gushed one attendee. One wonders whether her cheeks are red from the cold, or from naughty thoughts.

"Jack was the quarterback," said another. "He's a leader… and I'd follow him anywhere!"

Sam Ridge, the quietest of the three, hung back while his partners milled through the crowd. Ridge was responsible for the game-winning kick in the aforementioned Super Bowl, but seems uncomfortable as the center of attention. Perhaps this has something to do with the tell-all his ex-wife wrote about him after their divorce.

Taryn of Fool's GoldCrawford, a glamorous beauty in six-inch heels, towered over Mayor Marsha as she accepted a key to the city. "Thank you for the warm welcome," she told the crowd. "Please come in for a tour of our offices."

"I heard you have a locker room and a sauna!" Eddie Carberry shouted, dressed today in a magenta track suit. "Any chance we'll get to see your boys naked?"

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