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Fool’s Gold Mother’s Day Crisis Averted

Susan Mallery in Fool's GoldThe importance of shopping local was highlighted this week as local bookstore owner Morgan of Morgan’s Books averted a Mother’s Day crisis of near-epic proportions. All three of the Hendrix triplets, as they’re still known collectively, despite the fact that each has a new married name, planned to buy the same gift for their mother – BAREFOOT SEASON, a book by their favorite author, Susan Mallery.

“Mom met Ms. Mallery when she came to Fool’s Gold last year on her ALREADY HOME book tour,” Montana said. “I was so jealous! She’s my favorite author. Well, you know, except for my sister-in-law, Liz.”

Almost Summer by Susan MallerySo which triplet got the honor of buying the book for their mom? None of them.

“I told them that Denise had already pre-ordered BAREFOOT SEASON and picked it up on release day,” Morgan said. Then he leaned forward and whispered, “What I didn’t tell them is that she ordered four extra copies, one for each of them and Liz. She’s going to start a family book club.”

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