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2012 Is the Year of the Cowboy in Fool's Gold

The Fool’s Gold City Council is exploring new ways to show the world that the town’s efforts to attract men are paying off. Gladys Smith, 68, and Eddie Carberry, 75, banded together to come up with a 2012 calendar featuring pictures of sexy men around Fool’s Gold.

“We’re calling it ‘Cowboy Country,’” Eddie says, flashing a picture of Mr. December in his mountain cabin. “Every woman loves a cowboy.”


Cowboy stretching in a mountain cabin


Gladys wrests the calendar from Eddie’s hands. “You’re getting greasy fingerprints all over his muscles!”

The calendar is available for free to anyone who wants one, in whichever format you prefer – as a PDF you can print, as a widget, or as computer wallpaper. (The widget is shockingly cool, updating automatically every day. You can download it to your computer desktop if you have Windows, and if you have a website or blog, you can post it to your sidebar.) Get the calendar at Fool’s Gold: Cowboy Country 2012 Calendar.

Click like if you love cowboys! Then leave a comment to tell Eddie and Gladys which month is your favorite!

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