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Seeking: the Best Behinds in Fool's Gold

Eddie Carberry and Gladys Smith are set to debut a cable access TV show this month on FGTV, and they plan to kick it off with a segment called "Guess That Butt." They're asking the women of Fool's Gold to submit pictures of their husbands' and boyfriends' butts.

man with sexy butt"Only the good ones," Eddie qualifies. "Bless you if you have to put up with an ugly bottom on the man you love, but don't make the whole world look at it."

They're sitting at a table by the window at Brew-haha, a local coffee shop. It's Wednesday, so Eddie's in her yellow track suit, nearly a perfect match for the cheery yellow wall behind her, giving her the look of a floating head with trim gray hair. Gladys is dressed to the nines in a pastel blue skirt and a silk blouse with a bow at the neck.

"We've got some world-class butts in this town," Gladys adds. "All the professional athletes who've moved here over the past few years have really enhanced the scenery."

"People will text their guesses to us, and the winner gets a prize," Eddie says.

"A dozen cupcakes from an old family recipe." Gladys leaves a smear of fuchsia lipstick on the rim of her coffee cup.

Eddie points at the reporter's notebook. "Tell them they can submit their pictures at Or if they want us to come take a picture, we can do that, too!"

The two women laugh like teenagers.

Watch for more about Eddie and Gladys's new TV show in Kiss Me (June 30) and Thrill Me (July 28)!

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