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Fool’s Gold Librarian Holds Sit-In on City Hall Lawn

Fool's Gold librarian Annabelle WeissAt 5’1”, librarian Annabelle Weiss may be tiny, but she has big dreams. Really big. She wants to bring a bookmobile to Fool’s Gold, and she’s come up with some very creative ideas for raising money.

“I’ve set up camp on the City Hall lawn,” Annabelle says with a bright smile, “and I’m not moving until we raise at least $2,000.”

She’s not kidding. On April 11, National Bookmobile Day, she set up a tent at the corner of Frank Lane and Fourth Street, the busiest intersection on the square, with a massive banner that says “Will Work for Books.”

At the top of every hour, she reads a children’s book aloud, speaking into a microphone so that downtown shoppers can enjoy the story. Every shop within hearing distance has a donation jar on the front counter, and shopkeepers report in with the running total. The town has pitched in with campfire casseroles for one, which Annabelle warms up on a portable grill. She’s “roughing it” with a smile.

“This is the Land of Happy Endings,” she says. “Where better to find a happy ending than in a great book? We need to make sure that books are available to all our citizens, even those who can’t make it to the library.”

Morgan of Morgan’s Books has agreed to donate $1 for every “like” on this news story. Help Annabelle raise money for her dream bookmobile by clicking like below!

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