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The Wedding that Wasn't

Clay Stryker nude male adAt the Fool’s Gold airport, a black stretch limo with dark windows drives out onto the tarmac, pulling up beside a small commuter airplane. A group of about ten people waits beside the plane, silent but brimming with barely restrained excitement. May Simpson is there with her new husband Glen, sons Rafe and Shane Stryker, plus Rafe’s wife Heidi and Shane’s pregnant fiancée Annabelle. Pilot Finn Andersson is performing a final inspection of the plane.

The back door opens. Charlie Dixon unfolds her tall body from the passenger seat. With one finger held to her lips, she cautions the group to remain silent. Her short hair is mussed, and her T-shirt may or may not be inside out. She reaches into the car, drawing her boyfriend to his feet.

Clay Stryker, underwear model, is already a fantasy for millions of women around the world, and we can just imagine the screams of delight if they could see him as he is today. If he’s not impossibly handsome, he’s at least improbable. Dark hair, sculpted jaw, muscles clearly defined beneath his fitted black T-shirt. And over his eyes… a blindfold. Black silk.

With a flourish, Charlie removes the blindfold. As Clay blinks against the sudden light, the Stryker family shouts, “Surprise!”

“What is this?” Clay asks.

“Finn’s going to fly us to Vegas,” Charlie says. “We’re getting married. Today!”

“Babe, I love you, but that’s not happening.”


“I told you,” Clay says, “I want a big wedding. We have the rest of our lives together, I don’t want to rush this moment. I want to marry you next summer in front of our family and friends. I want you to hire Dellina to plan the wedding, and I want you to buy your dream gown at Paper Moon, right here in Fool’s Gold.”

“Dream gown?” Charlie exclaims. “What are you, a thirteen-year-old girl? I don’t have a dream—"

“And most of all,” Clay says, punctuating his interruption with a light kiss on her lips, “most of all, I want everyone to see how beautiful you are.”

Even Charlie Dixon, a Master Arguer, can’t argue with that.

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