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A Fool’s Gold First: Live Nativity to Include Goats

Mary and baby in Nativity sceneHeidi Simpson, known around Fool’s Gold as “Heidi the Goat Girl,” has agreed to allow her prize-winning goats to participate in the Live Nativity in downtown Fool’s Gold on Christmas Eve.

“I can’t promise they won’t eat the scenery,” Heidi says. “And their ringleader, Athena, is an escape artist, so it’s entirely possible that the whole menagerie will wind up wandering into stores around town, eating the holiday decorations. But if Mayor Marsha wants goats, Mayor Marsha gets goats.”

Clearly, after just a year in town, Heidi has learned that the mayor is the law of the land.

We caught up with Mayor Marsha in her office at City Hall, and asked her whether she had warned local shopkeepers to watch out for wandering goats over the holiday weekend.

“No,” says the mayor, “I warned the goats not to wander off, and I’m sure they understood every word I said. They’re welcome to eat the hay, but I told them to stay away from the scenery and the characters’ clothes. Heidi can relax and enjoy the day with her friends.”

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