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Skye Bradley Is Now a Big Sister

Skye and baby HenrySkye Bradley, daughter of Simon and Montana Bradley, is proud to announce the birth of her baby brother, Henry Alistair. Henry was born at the Fool’s Gold Hospital on June 20. Skye went to sleep at her grandma’s house an only child and woke up a big sister, a major day in her young life.

When she first sees little Henry at the hospital, Skye seems disappointed. She overheard her grandmother, Denise Hendrix, tell someone that the baby looked just like his daddy, but she makes her disagreement known.

“Nana Deedee!” she exclaims. “Not like Daddy.”

Montana smiles and kisses the top of her daughter’s head. “Henry’s face is the same on both sides, isn’t it, Bug?” Montana’s husband Simon has scars on half his face.

Skye nods, her middle two fingers in her mouth. Simon picks up his daughter, then settles her into his lap. She leans back against his broad chest with a wet smile. Their dog Cece, a certified therapy dog who is allowed in hospitals, jumps up beside her and licks Skye’s face as she giggles.

What advice do you have for Simon and Montana on helping Skye adjust to her new baby brother?

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