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Storytime with Annabelle

This week, Cece the therapy dog will be a special guest for Storytime with Annabelle at the Fool’s Gold library. Because storytime is offered for children ages 2-6, handler Montana Bradley felt that her smallest dog, Cece, would be best suited for the visit.

“Cece loves children. Not to mention, since she’s only six pounds, she’s the easiest dog for me to handle right now.” Montana is due to give birth any minute.

Cece will come in costume as Honey, the unicorn from Everyone Is Special.

Toy poodle dressed as a unicorn“I love this story!” When Annabelle smiles, it’s easy to see why kids like her so much. Her face lights up, and she expresses herself with her entire body as she talks about books. “Honey was found as a baby and raised in a herd of horses. At first, her horn was just a bump on her forehead, but as she got older, it grew, and grew, and grew. The horses loved her and were kind, but she always felt different. She tried to hide her horn. She grew her bangs longer, she turned away from others when talking to them, she hung her head low even when she wasn’t grazing. But then – this is the good part! – she found out by accident that her horn can turn mud into drinking water. They were in a terrible drought, but Honey saved them… because she was different! She saved the whole herd, her family.”

“And they all lived happily ever after?” Montana asks.

“Of course!” Annabelle says. “Fool’s Gold is the Land of Happy Endings.”

Annabelle will find love in SUMMER NIGHTS. Click like if you’re excited to read her story! Then leave a comment to share something special about yourself.

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