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Interview with Fool's Gold's Sexy New Bachelor

Gideon Boylan of Fool's Gold, CaliforniaThe night is dark; you’re alone in your bedroom. From the radio, a man with a deep, smooth voice seduces you to sleep. You’ll have sultry dreams tonight. That man is Gideon Boylan, the handsome new owner of two radio stations in Fool’s Gold, the voice caressing the late night airwaves, the man every woman in town wants to know about. Where is he from? Why did he move to Fool’s Gold? And most important, is he single?

To get the full scoop, Eddie Carberry and her friend Gladys Smith, both upward of 70 years old, cornered Gideon – er, that is, found him coming out of the locker room at the rec center. Eddie reports that he wore loose fitting black yoga pants “and the sprinkling of chest hair God gave him.” Eddie recorded the conversation and was kind enough to share it with us.

Gideon: Morning, ladies. Excuse me.

Eddie: Wait, we’re here to write a feature about you for the Fool’s Gold website.

Gladys: We’re on the city council. It’s our civic duty to help your business.

Gideon: I appreciate the offer, but –

Eddie: Why did you decide to buy the radio stations?

Gideon sighs, then: When I got out of the service, I had some money to invest.

Eddie: So you’re rich, then?

Sound of a smack, then Gladys says: You can’t ask him that!

Eddie: The people want to know!

Gideon: I’m sorry, ladies, I have an appoint –

Eddie: At least tell us if you’re single!

Gideon (voice fading quickly, as if he’s running away): Catch you later. I have to get to… (indistinct).

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