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A New Citizen Sees Her Shadow

Fool’s Gold has a new citizen! Fiona Joy Golden was born at 6:28 a.m. on February 2, Groundhog Day.

“Six more weeks of winter!” crows her proud papa, former cyclist Josh Golden.

“Stop it,” says his tired but happy wife Charity. Fiona is bundled in her arms, asleep. “He’s such a jokester. As soon as it turned midnight and I was still in labor, he started Googling ‘groundhog’ in different languages. Marmotte in French. As if I would allow him to name our daughter after a rodent.”

“I distracted you from the pain, didn’t I?”

Birth announcement for Fiona Golden of Fool's Gold, California“What pain?” Charity presses a kiss to her daughter’s forehead. “I don’t remember any pain.”

“I almost got her to agree to Philippa,” he says.

“Until I realized it was because he wanted to shorten it to Phil. As in Punxatawney Phil.”

Josh laces his fingers through his wife’s, and their interlocked hands rest on their daughter’s stomach. The baby sighs, scrunches her nose, then settles back into sleep.

“We named her Fiona in honor of Fool’s Gold,” Charity says. “Fiona was the name of the youngest daughter of Ronan and Ciara McGee, the town founders. Fifi Lane was named after her.” (Click here to read about the history of Fool’s Gold.)

It’s clear that the couple are deeply in love, both with each other and with the latest addition to their family. They’ve already counted her fingers and toes – ten of each – and have taken careful inventory of her features.

“She has my grandmother’s chin,” Charity says. “And Josh’s nose.”

“And the longest legs in the nursery,” Josh adds. “Great for riding. I’ll have her out of training wheels by the time she’s three.”

Fiona Joy is 21 inches long and weighs 7 pounds, 7 ounces.

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