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Triplet Surprise Party at Jo’s Bar

Saturday night, a surprise party at Jo’s Bar will welcome home the Hendrix triplets from their three-week honeymoons. This party will be just one more surprise in a series of them for the sisters over the past year. They were surprised to fall in love with the men of their dreams. They were surprised to welcome a new child into the family, and to discover two more on the way. Rumor has it that Nevada was surprised at one point by their mother and her new boyfriend, but all Nevada will say about that is, “Armadillo.” And finally, they were surprised on New Year’s Day by their respective husbands, who whisked the sisters off on their honeymoons without telling them where they were going.

So… did the sisters who have been together since birth spend their honeymoons together? We got the scoop from their mom, Denise! We’re happy to say that each bride was able to spend three glorious weeks alone with her new husband.Finn, a pilot, flew Dakota to Breckenridge, Colorado, where he rented a luxury ski chalet in an exclusive mountain resort. Simon and Montana flew commercial – first class – to England, where Simon showed Montana the sights he’d discovered while living there some years ago. He introduced Montana to his friend Alistair Woodbury, Denise said, and – pay attention, single ladies! – Alistair is a handsome, single doctor who plans to visit the newlyweds soon. Tucker and Nevada are spending their honeymoon in Las Vegas. Nevada told her mom that she was hoping to study a few of the casinos to get ideas for the casino resort they’re building outside of Fool’s Gold, but that so far, they hadn’t left their room.

Join us Saturday night at Jo’s Bar, and bring a gag gift for the triplets!

What gag gift will you bring to the Hendrix triplets’ surprise Welcome Home party? (Don’t forget to click Like if you want to see more fun Fool’s Gold news stories!)

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