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Free Fool’s Gold Pin Offer

Fool's Gold pinAs part of a new tourism initiative, the Fool’s Gold City Council has approved the design of the new Fool’s Gold cloisonné pin, pictured here. The pin design is the logo we’ve all come to know and love. Fool’s Gold has long been known as the Land of Happy Endings, and the pin captures that sense of fun and optimism.

“We want our town to be a wedding destination,” says Mayor Marsha Tilson, whose own granddaughter got married recently, “so we need to find fun and interesting ways of spreading awareness about our little town. Since we’re offering to send a free pin to anyone who has enjoyed visiting Fool’s Gold, our pin could be seen in all corners of the world.”

The Fool's Gold pin is no longer available, but please check out the Freebies page at for other goodies.

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