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Mayor Marsha a No-Show to Her Own Surprise Party

Dakota showing pictures to Mayor MarshaFool’s Gold wants to know: Where was Mayor Marsha Thursday night? She certainly wasn’t at her own surprise birthday party at Jo’s Bar. A crowd of about fifty local residents showed up, but the guest of honor was a no-show. The plan was for Charity to ask the mayor to join her for a drink after work, but when Charity went to her grandmother’s office, the mayor had left early for the day. Charity walked into the bar alone, so the group cry of “Surprise!” petered off as confused murmurs took over.

“If she was out on city business, her assistant Marjorie would’ve known about it,” Charity says, “but Marjorie said she wouldn’t explain why she blocked off her calendar for the whole night. I guess I should’ve told Marjorie ahead of time about the party, but she can’t keep anything from Grandma.”

The party, planned by local party planner Dellina Hopkins, turned into a tribute in absentia as everyone regaled each other with Mayor Marsha stories.

The mayor was back at work Friday morning at 8. She had no comment on her whereabouts Thursday night. It seems that although Mayor Marsha knows everything about everyone in Fool’s Gold, there is much we don’t know about her.

Where do you think Mayor Marsha went on her birthday?

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