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Gideon’s “Hot Young Things”

Gideon Boylan, whose smooth voice you may have heard over the late-night airwaves in Fool’s Gold, probably didn’t realize what he was getting into when he agreed to sponsor a local bowling team. But perhaps he should have, since two of the team members are known for a somewhat irreverent – and saucy – sense of humor. Eddie Carberry and Gladys Smith, both on the far side of 70, proudly unveiled their team’s new shirts at a tournament on Saturday.

“Gideon’s Late Night Hot Young Things,” the shirts proclaim above the image of two surprisingly curvaceous bowling pins. Beneath the pins is the slogan “Throw your balls at us!”

“Did Gideon approve those?” asked Dana Marton, president of the local community college and scorekeeper for the summer league.

“He’s kinda busy these days with a hot young thing of his own,” Eddie said, her eyes twinkling.

“He wanted us to name the team ‘Rockin’ with the Oldies,’” Gladys said. “That makes us sound old! Might as well have suggested ‘The Saggy Strikers.’”

“Besides,” Eddie added, “you’re doing a story about us, so obviously these shirts are going to get him a lot more free advertising. Of course he’ll be happy about that! But don’t tell him, okay?”

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