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Valentine's Day Is Singles Night at Ronan's Lodge

Dellina of Fool's Gold"Love is in the air in Fool's Gold, but if you're single, don't despair! Book a table at the Bar at Ronan's Lodge for Valentine's Day, where we'll be celebrating Singles Night! No cheesy matchmaking attempts are planned, but if you happen to hook up… we won't judge."

Party planner Dellina Hopkins snorted a laugh as she read the flyer on the bulletin board at Brew-haha.

"What are you laughing about?" asked her friend Madeline.

"This," Dellina said, pointing to the flyer. "Singles night at Ronan's Folly. It's going to be fifty single women, and one poor bartender who's awash in a sea of estrogen."

"I don't know," Madeline said. "It sounds like fun. I don't want to sit at home alone on Valentine's Day. Or worse, go to a restaurant filled with happy couples. Bad enough I spend all day every day with brides at Paper Moon."

"Tell me about it. My sisters are obnoxiously happy and in love."

"So let's go, have a few drinks and bad-mouth the men who've done us wrong."

"You promise you won't abandon me to flirt with some guy?" Dellina asked.

"No way! Just you and me, and our other single friends. No hooking up allowed."

"Not my style, anyway," Dellina said. "Okay, you're on."

Dellina's not the type to hook up? Famous last words… especially since a certain handsome football player has moved to Fool's Gold. Read BEFORE WE KISS to find out the full story about Valentine's Day at Ronan's Lodge! Click the links below to pre-order BEFORE WE KISS.

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What are your plans for Valentine's Day? Are you going out with your honey? Spending the evening with your single friends? Staying home and ignoring it altogether?

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