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Mix-Up at Crystal’s Walk for a Cure

Last Saturday, a mix-up at the first annual Crystal’s Walk for a Cure caused fur to fly in downtown Fool’s Gold.

kitten in frog costume“People were supposed to come dressed up as cats,” explains Pia O’Brian, who organized the walk in honor of her late best friend. “Crystal loved cats, and we wanted to do something unique and fun. Unfortunately, an error in printing led a few people to think they were supposed to bring their cats dressed in costumes. Which wouldn’t have been too much of a problem, except that we had the Humane Society on site with dogs available for adoption.”

Ms. O’Brian was the only person dressed in a cat costume. But there were about a dozen cats at the walk, so she held an impromptu contest to name the cutest cat.

“We charged a dollar per vote and raised an extra two hundred dollars,” she said as smugly as the cat who ate the canary. (Editor’s Note: While we usually avoid puns, some are irresistible.)

An eight-week-old kitten dressed as a frog won the contest and was rewarded by being allowed out of the costume.

Proceeds from Crystal’s Walk for a Cure went to the American Cancer Society. To make a donation, click here: Donate Now

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