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Free Books in Fool's Gold

Tomorrow is the annual Thanksgiving Day parade along the parade route in downtown Fool’s Gold. Local librarian Annabelle Weiss has decided to use the parade to launch a fundraising drive for a new bookmobile to serve area shut-ins and children in remote neighborhoods.

Fool's Gold parade route“The main reason I moved to Fool’s Gold was because of the sense of community,” Annabelle says. “We take care of our own, and I want to do my part. Reading is one of life’s most fundamental pleasures. I want to make sure that the people who can’t get to the library still have access to our collection. And I’m hoping we can swing a bookmobile with satellite internet, so we can help our shut-ins connect with the outside world in a more meaningful way.”

To launch the bookmobile fundraising drive with a bang, Annabelle has asked a few friends to dress as their favorite character from children’s literature and to hand out free children’s books along the parade route. Heidi Simpson (known locally as the Goat Girl) will be dressed as Little Bo Peep, and several therapy dogs from Max Thurman’s K9Rx kennels will be dressed as her flock of sheep.

“Buddy the Labradoodle didn’t even need a costume,” says pet groomer Rina Fiore. “He was born looking like a sheep. Which is why my fiance’s Sheltie always feels the need to herd him.”

Firefighter Charlie Dixon will be dressed as Lara Croft, Tomb Raider, despite Annabelle’s protests that Lara Croft is not a character from children’s literature.

“Hey,” Charlie says, “she started out as a video game, then went to a movie, and then they wrote books about her. Kids read the books sometimes. Ergo–"

“You did not just say ‘ergo,’” Annabelle says.

Ergo… children’s literature. Plus, the costume kicks ass.”

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