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Denise Hendrix Welcomes Three New Family Members… Again

On Christmas Eve 1982, after a very difficult labor, Denise Hendrix gave birth to three baby girls, identical triplets named Dakota, Montana, and Nevada. (The full story of the girls’ birth and how they got their names appears in the Fool’s Gold Holiday Wishes magazine.) On New Year’s Eve, those girls are getting married – all three of them on the same night, and Denise will welcome three new people into the family… again.

Paper Moon Wedding DressesWe caught up with Denise at Paper Moon Wedding Dresses, where she waited as all three of her daughters got their final fittings. We asked her how she felt about three men joining her family on the same day.

“The balance of power has shifted,” she said with a laugh. “When the whole clan gets together now, which we do a lot, the pitch of the conversation is about an octave lower than it used to be. And I have to make a lot more food. A lot. Finn, in particular, can put away an entire side of beef on his own, I think. Must come from growing up in Alaska.”

She paused as her daughters came out to show her their wedding dresses, each unique. (Read about the wedding in the epilog of ONLY HIS, Fool’s Gold book 6.) After a lot of cheering, a little crying, and a careful hug for each young woman, Denise returned to the conversation.

“Honestly, I couldn’t be happier with the men the girls have chosen. Finn, Simon, and Tucker treasure my daughters, and no mother could ask for more than that."

What is your best advice to Dakota, Montana, and Nevada on how to have a happy marriage? (Be sure to click Like if you enjoy these between-the-books updates about the people of Fool’s Gold.)




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