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A Surprise Wedding

Katie and Jackson in convertibleJanis and Mike McCormick are pleased to announce the marriage of their oldest daughter Katie, sportswriter for the Fool’s Gold Daily Republic, to software developer Jackson Kent. The young couple telephoned the McCormicks last night from their hotel in Italy, announcing their elopement.

“Our youngest got married earlier this summer,” Mike explained, “Katie didn’t want all the hoopla.”

“And Howie – I mean, Jackson – would give Katie anything she wanted,” Janis added. “I couldn’t be happier. Jackson’s mom is one of my dearest friends, and we’ve been trying to get these two together for years. But would they listen to us? No, of course not. We’re just the mothers. What do we know?”

“Save your ‘I told you sos’ for when the kids get home,” Mike said.

The couple will return in two weeks. Their mothers are already working on plans for a surprise wedding reception.

“Jackson is moving his company to Fool’s Gold,” Janis said. “Once they get settled in, I hope they’ll get started on my grandbabies.”

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