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Bowling Team in Search of Sponsor

Fool’s Gold residents Eddie Carberry and Gladys Smith are on the hunt again. But this time, they’re not hunting for handsome young men. At least, not exclusively. This time, they’re looking for a new sponsor for their bowling team.

“Old Man Grumble-Bum has no sense of humor,” Eddie grouses. “He said if we wanted him to keep sponsoring us, we had to change our team name. What’s wrong with ‘Filled with De-Spare’?”

Gladys chortles, as amused as ever by her partner in crime. “Grumble-Bum!”

We asked Cedric Grostonburgh, their erstwhile sponsor, for comment. He is, by the way, 48 years old – about three decades younger than the women who refer to him as Old Man Grumble-Bum.

Fool's Gold Funeral Parlor“I get the joke,” he says. “But ‘Filled with De-Spare’ is simply not the message that we want to be associated with Peaceful Haven Funeral Home. I suggested ‘Striking Seniors’ as an alternative.”

“That makes us sound old!” Eddie exclaims when we repeat his suggestion.

“No, thank you,” Gladys agrees. “We’ll find someone else, someone who will appreciate this great marketing opportunity.”

Do you have any other fun suggestions for names for Eddie and Gladys’s bowling team?

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