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Josh and Charity Set a Date

After a whirlwind courtship and a short engagement, Josh Golden and Charity Jones are getting married later this month. Specifically, on Saturday, July 24, which falls on one of the few summer weekends without a festival.

Mayor Marsha will officiate. “I’m licensed in the state of California to marry people,” Marsha says. “I don’t do it often, but these two are family. They have a special place in my heart.”

Sunset at Ronan's LodgeThe intimate wedding will take place at sunset at Ronan’s Lodge.

“Ronan’s Lodge is where we had our first kiss,” says Charity, prompting Josh to lean down to kiss her cheek. The couple are sitting together on a loveseat in the lodge’s lobby, where they’ve come to finalize the details of the wedding. Josh’s arm is around Charity’s shoulder, and she’s leaning into his chest.

“I couldn’t get rid of her after that,” Josh says. “She was hooked on my kisses. She followed me everywhere, begging for more. Got kind of embarrassing.”

Charity slaps his knee, but this reporter notices that she doesn’t actually refute what he’s saying.

Visit Josh and Charity’s wedding website to sign their guestbook and see pictures of the wedding party

Josh & Charity's wedding website

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