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Something Borrowed

On Valentine’s Day, former NFL superstar Jack McGarry married the love of his life in an evening ceremony at the Gold Rush Ski Lodge and Resort in Fool’s Gold, California. The bride, massage therapist Larissa Owens, was stunning in a gorgeous Maggie Sottero gown from Paper Moon Bridal.

high heels with hearts“What do you think of my shoes?” Larissa asked, blue eyes sparkling as she showed off heels adorned with hearts. “They belong to my ex-wife-in-law, Taryn. Something borrowed.”

“The shoes, not the husband,” Jack said. “Me, you get to keep. And stop calling Taryn your ‘ex-wife-in-law.’ We were married for a minute. It doesn’t count. You are my first, last, and only.”

Larissa’s eyes filled with tears as she cupped her husband’s cheek. The moment stretched between them, a pocket of intimacy in the crowded reception hall.

Dellina Ridge approached with her husband Sam and his parents, in town for the wedding. Sam’s mother is world-renowned sex expert Lark Heuston.

Larissa greeted her friend with a hug. “The best wedding planner, who made this the best Valentine’s Day ever!”

“Maybe the second best,” Dellina said.

“That’s right,” Lark said. “Last Valentine’s Day was your first real orgasm, wasn’t it? Followed by my son was running away with his pants around his ankles. Bet you never would’ve guessed that you’d be married to him less than a year later!”

Without a word, Sam grabbed his wife’s hand and pulled her to the dance floor.

“What?” Lark said. “What did I say?”

In lieu of gifts, Jack and Larissa asked their guests to make a donation to the local animal shelter.

Share the best piece of advice you’ve ever heard for a long and happy marriage.

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