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Welcome Home Party for Fool’s Gold Hero

On Sunday, Denise Hendrix hosted an impromptu welcome home party for her son Ford, who surprised his mother by arriving in Fool’s Gold unannounced. The extended Hendrix clan gets together almost every Sunday at the family home, but this is the first time Ford has attended since 2009.

“There are a lot more people in this family than I remember,” says the former Navy SEAL. We found him leaning against a wall at the far side of the living room, watching the bustle of activity from a distance. “They’re multiplying.”

Indeed, his oldest brother Ethan got married in 2010, instantly gaining three children, his triplet sisters married in 2011 and between them have four children, and his brother Kent has moved back to Fool’s Gold with his pre-teen son. Plus, Denise seems to have invited the rest of the town to the party, as well.

“Ford! Ford!” Denise calls across the room. “Come here, there’s someone I want you to meet.”

With a sigh, Ford kicks away from the wall and joins his mother, who introduces him to Annabelle Weiss and her fiancé Shane Stryker. Annabelle gave birth recently to their first child, a boy, and has begun to plan a Fall wedding.

“Is that Wyatt?” Montana, one of the triplets, asks Annabelle. Without waiting for a response, she puts down her plate of food and reaches for the dark-haired infant. “Ohhhhh! He’s so alert,” she says. “I want one.”

“You have one,” her husband says. Their eleven-month-old daughter is sleeping in Simon’s arms.

“I want another one. I want Skye to have siblings close to her own age.”

“Whatever you want, dear.”

“See?” Denise whispers to Ford. “Don’t you want that? Don’t you want to fall in love, settle down?”

“I love you, Mom,” he says, putting an arm around her shoulders, “but don’t push.”

Ford finds love in THREE LITTLE WORDS. Click like if you’re excited to read the book!

Denise desperately wants her son to stay in town. What do you think she should do?

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