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Nevada and Tucker Welcome Snow Baby

Baby Hendrix in a snow bucketTucker Janack was just trying to distract his pregnant wife with a scenic springtime drive up the mountain – he never imagined he’d deliver his own son in a suite at the Gold Rush ski resort. The late winter snowstorm surprised them, and with contractions less than a minute apart, Tucker didn’t want to risk the drive down Mother Bear Road until the plows had come through.

“I assisted in the delivery,” Tucker says. “Fortunately, a delivery room nurse was spending her day off on the slopes. She did all the heavy lifting.”

“Excuse me?” Nevada asks, the words dripping with sarcasm.

Tucker apologizes with a tender kiss. “Right. You did the hard work. You were a champ.”

Nurse Amy delivered baby Hendrix at precisely 11:40 a.m. on March 20, 2013, then accompanied the family to the Fool’s Gold Hospital once the roads were safe.

“Our boy is going to be the next Kipling Gilmore,” Tucker says.

“The Olympic skier?” Nevada asks.

“Think about it. Hendrix was born on the last day of winter in a snowstorm at a ski resort.”

“Hard to argue with that logic.”

What mistake did Tucker make? (Hint: It's a common misperception!)

Reader Amy G. came closest to guessing the time that Hendrix would be born. Amy guessed 11:39 a.m… and that’s how Nurse Amy got her name! Join the fun at! And don’t forget to click like if you enjoy catching up with your Fool’s Gold friends between books.

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