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Sasha Andersson, future brother-in-law of our own Dakota Hendrix, was featured in Variety as one of Hollywood’s Most Talented Former Reality Stars. He signed with an agent at CAA, who is hoping to parlay Sasha’s reality show notoriety into a legitimate career as an actor. But the local actor whose name is on everyone’s lips this week is Cece the toy poodle.

Cece is the star of a Fool’s Gold Masterpet Theatre production of The Princess and the Frog, which is being shown continuously on the local cable access channel as a fundraiser for the Fool’s Gold Animal Shelter. Cece is playing the roles of both the princess and the frog.

Toy poodle in princess and frog costumes

“Cece loves being the center of attention,” says her handler, Montana Hendrix. “She’s a glory hound.”

Rina Fiore, the pet groomer at Cameron McKenzie’s veterinary practice, did Cece’s hair and makeup.

“Actually,” Rina corrects, “she didn’t need any makeup. She’s naturally glamorous.”

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