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Hendrix Family Tree

Denise Hendrix has commissioned a family tree, one for each of her six children.

Hendrix Family Tree“Do you see how lonely Ford and Kent look, in a heart by themselves?” Denise asks with sadness in her voice.

“We’re fine, Mom,” Ford calls out from the living room, where he and his brothers are watching a baseball game.

Kent doesn’t say a word, and one wonders whether he’s beginning to admit to loneliness, so long after his divorce. His son Reese recently helped a friend find a new mom, so perhaps Kent is thinking that Reese could use a mother figure in his life, as well.

“Leave the boy be,” says Max, Denise’s life partner, as he rubs her back with his left hand. “You’re pushing him away.”

“I just want him to be happy,” Denise says. “Here. In Fool’s Gold. He needs to stay.”

Update: Ford and Kent are in love! (Read Three Little Words for the full story, and read Christmas on 4th Street to attend Ford and Isabel's wedding.) The Hendrix family tree has been updated!

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