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New City Planner Arrives in Fool’s Gold

City Planner Charity Jones has arrived in Fool’s Gold and is settling into her new job. Ms. Jones started her career as the youngest person on the staff of the Seattle mayor and later worked in Henderson, Nevada, near Las Vegas. Her arrival in Fool’s Gold marks the first time that she has worked in a small town.

“I moved around a lot as a kid,” Ms. Jones says. “But we never lived in a small town. I always wanted to. When Fool’s Gold called to invite me to interview, I was ecstatic. I’ve been looking for a place where I could put down some roots. I loved Fool’s Gold right from the start. The people are so friendly!”

When Mayor Marsha Tilson was asked how she happened to decide to invite a mid-level city planner in Nevada to interview for the open position, she said only, “Charity has done good work.” She would not respond further when pressed for details.

The first order of business for Ms. Jones will be to convince the California University to build their new research facility in Fool’s Gold. Our city is up against several others in the bid to win this deal. If Jones should succeed, she’ll start her tenure here with a major feather in her cap.

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