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Hendrix Family Tree

Denise Hendrix has commissioned a family tree, one for each of her six children.

Hendrix Family Tree“Do you see how lonely Ford and Kent look, in a heart by themselves?” Denise asks with sadness in her voice.

“We’re fine, Mom,” Ford calls out from the living room, where he and his brothers are watching a baseball game.

Kent doesn’t say a word, and one wonders whether he’s beginning to admit to loneliness, so long after his divorce. His son Reese recently helped a friend find a new mom, so perhaps Kent is thinking that Reese could use a mother figure in his life, as well.

“Leave the boy be,” says Max, Denise’s life partner, as he rubs her back with his left hand. “You’re pushing him away.”

“I just want him to be happy,” Denise says. “Here. In Fool’s Gold. He needs to stay.”

Update: Ford and Kent are in love! (Read Three Little Words for the full story, and read Christmas on 4th Street to attend Ford and Isabel's wedding.) The Hendrix family tree has been updated!

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Fool’s Gold Is Going to the Dogs

Buddy the labradoodle seems worried. He always seems worried. That’s part of his charm and, according to Montana Hendrix, his handler, it’s part of what makes him so effective as a therapy dog. Montana started a program this year in which children who have learning disabilities read books to a completely nonjudgmental audience – dogs.

Boy reading to labradoodle“Buddy is the dog I use with the most reluctant students,” Montana says. “He always looks like he’s a little worried. When kids reassure him that everything is okay, they improve their own self-esteem by comforting him. Then they want to make him feel even better by reading to him. Helping someone else is a pretty powerful incentive. These kids have great hearts.”

She started the program at Ronan Elementary, which is operating in its temporary facilities at Camp End Zone for Kids while the school is being rebuilt after last year’s fire. The popular program spread to other schools in town, and Montana is planning to run a summer program through the library.

“I used to work part-time at the library, but after years of searching, I finally found my true calling working with therapy dogs. Now that I’ve settled on a career, I’m ready for the next step in my life – marriage and kids!”

Buddy whimpers, and his eyebrows draw together.

“It’s okay, Buddy,” Montana says with a scratch behind his ears. “I know there’s still a man shortage in Fool’s Gold, but I’m sure I’ll find someone to love one day.”

If you were advising Montana about how a single girl can find love, what would you tell her? Where should she look?

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How Many NFL Superstars Does It Take to Change a Child?

Woman with towel on her headRumors flying fast and furious around Fool’s Gold today have caused a backlog of hair appointments at House of Bella and Chez Julia beauty salons this weekend. Why the sudden fashion emergency? Rumor has it, dozens of retired NFL football players will descend on Fool’s Gold next week to participate in team-building exercises at the End Zone for Kids.

Women under hair dryersThe End Zone for Kids is a camp outside of town that was opened earlier this summer by Raoul Moreno, a former quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and one of the newest residents in town. The camp allows kids from the inner city to experience nature, some for the first time in their lives.

“I saw pictures of pine trees,” said one camper recently, “but I never smelled one before.”

Are the rumors true? Moreno couldn’t be reached for comment, but his camp manager, Dakota Hendrix, was spotted in line with her sisters outside of House of Bella. Chief Alice Barnes chatted with the triplets while she calmed the flaring tempers of the Gionni sisters as they fought about which customers should enter which salon.

“I heard Joe Montana’s coming,” said a fiftyish woman who asked that we not name her because she called in sick at work in order to get her hair done. “Is Joe Montana single?”

“Do you care?” asked her friend, and both women promptly burst out laughing.

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New City Planner Arrives in Fool’s Gold

City Planner Charity Jones has arrived in Fool’s Gold and is settling into her new job. Ms. Jones started her career as the youngest person on the staff of the Seattle mayor and later worked in Henderson, Nevada, near Las Vegas. Her arrival in Fool’s Gold marks the first time that she has worked in a small town.

“I moved around a lot as a kid,” Ms. Jones says. “But we never lived in a small town. I always wanted to. When Fool’s Gold called to invite me to interview, I was ecstatic. I’ve been looking for a place where I could put down some roots. I loved Fool’s Gold right from the start. The people are so friendly!”

When Mayor Marsha Tilson was asked how she happened to decide to invite a mid-level city planner in Nevada to interview for the open position, she said only, “Charity has done good work.” She would not respond further when pressed for details.

The first order of business for Ms. Jones will be to convince the California University to build their new research facility in Fool’s Gold. Our city is up against several others in the bid to win this deal. If Jones should succeed, she’ll start her tenure here with a major feather in her cap.

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