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Fool's Gold Varsity Cheerleaders

2013 Co-Head Cheerleaders
Two cheerleaders did such an outstanding job of telling readers about Fool's Gold - and of convincing those readers to read JUST ONE KISS, TWO OF A KIND, and THREE LITTLE WORDS - that we couldn't choose between them. Susan has decided to award each of these fabulous cheerleaders with a dedication in a 2014 Fool's Gold romance. Congratulations!
Fool's Gold Cheerleader Jayme Fool's Gold Cheerleader Angela


A NOTE FROM SUSAN MALLERY: I’ve been blessed with the most enthusiastic readers a writer could ever hope for. In 2010, I invited my fans to join the Fool’s Gold Cheerleading squad. That first year, the only thing being a cheerleader entailed was getting cartoon-ified into fun cheerleader pics. You can see those pictures here.

Now each year, I invite fans to try out for the Fool’s Gold Varsity Cheerleading Squad, to earn prizes simply for telling people about Fool’s Gold and the books you love. The women selected for the team drive to their local bookstores with Fool’s Gold car magnets, wearing Fool’s Gold T-shirts, hats, and pins, and hand out bookmarks, telling other readers about the romances you love. If this sounds like fun to you, be sure to join the Mailing List so I can email you the next time we hold cheerleader try-outs.

From my heart to yours,

Susan Mallery


Head Cheerleaders

Cheerleader of the Week

Cheerleader Lesley has been an outstanding addition to the 2013 Fool's Gold varsity cheerleading squad. Lesley is enthusiastic, fun, and supportive of all of the other cheerleaders. Her positive energy is contagious! And she's "training" a future generation of cheerleaders. Her young daughter has helped her put bookmarks into copies of JUST ONE KISS, TWO OF A KIND, and THREE LITTLE WORDS, though to her, the books are titled simply "One, Two, and Three."

Story of the Week

Nancy's story: "Went to Barnes & Noble to pick up a college textbook for husband - BUT ... forgot my bookmarks. While on line waiting, started to talk to someone about Susan Mallery books. DID happen to have coupons with me - and gave one to that person. Another person asked about it, so I gave them one, and then I only had one left and the person handing out the textbooks asked about it - so I gave it to her. We had a mini bookclub going on just while I waited on line. (And, of course, the one time I was without the bookmarks. UGH!) But it was FUN."

Story #2 of the Week

Carey's story: "My friend, Stephie, is now addicted to Susan's books because of this summer of cheerleading! She texts me constantly about the series. She started off with JOK, TOAK and TLW. Now she is going back to the beginning to read everyone's story. Plus, she just got a new job at a local public library so she is going to make sure that they have all of Susan's books on the shelves soon!"

Story #3 of the Week

Maria's story: "My long time friend from Texas was visiting this week and I introduced her to the Fool's Gold series and some of Susan's other books. She is hooked and positively loves them. She bought all three of the books that came out this summer and plans on buying the rest when she gets back to San Antonio plus she loved cheer leading with me and is considering trying to be one next year!!!!!"

Rah, Rah, Hi-YAH, Lesley, Nancy, Carey, and Maria!!!


Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho!

Chill, Frosty, Chill!


Fool's Gold cannot be beat! It brings the heat and is really neat! Read it for an awesome treat It's S-W-E-E-T, Sweet! submitted by The Loopy Librarian
ah one ah two hip hip hurray another fools gold is on the way submitted by LoAnn Post
If you want to win you've got to cheer with all your might, When we say Fool's Gold, you say "All Right" submitted by Marilyn Yetter
Fools Gold - Fools Gold It Susan writes it , I am sold Fools Gold - Fools Gold A great , great series, now you've been told submitted by Tammy Yenalavitch
With a turn to the right, and a turn to the left, Fool's Gold is best, best, best. Shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake, shake those pom-poms, shake those pom-poms. submitted by Cheryl Rasmussen
Susan, Susan, she's our gal, Writes great stories, what a pal! Fool's Gold is THE place to be If you want a GREAT story! Can't wait to see what happens next, Got her APP, so got a text It's time, It's time, I say a cheer, My Fool's Gold book is finally here!! submitted by Angela MacIntyre
I'm a fool You're a fool Everybody is a fool Let's go fools.. Go for that gold!!! submitted by Beccie Weaver
Fools Gold'a a read that's happy buy a copy and make it snappy. Soon you'll agree with all the buzz and spread the news to everyone! What are we reading? FOOLS GOLD! What are we loving? FOOLS GOLD! What are we cheering? FOOLS GOLD! FOOLS GOLD! FOOOOOOOOOOOLS GOLD! submitted by Tiffany
Who's the BEST Who's the BOLD It's all us Cheerleaders rooting for FOOL'S GOLD !!! submitted by Teena
Fools Gold Love is told Got to hold truth be told love can't be sold Get the Gold That's Fools Gold Got Gold! submitted by Donna Killian
We're the team that's big and can't beat us cause we're Fool's Gold!!! We're mean and tough and really strong, you better watch out We do no wrong!!! Love and lust we like to hold...... Don't mess with us we're Fool's Gold!!!!! Yeahhhhhhhh!!!! submitted by Jana Goodwin
Fools Gold is the place to be! Fools Gold is where you'll find me! Fools Gold, a place in your heart it will hold! submitted by Kelly Lynn
Man shortage? That's insane!
Let's see what we can bring to the game.
The lack of few men is insane,
And plenty of women own their own domain!
The Varsity cheerleaders want to change that
By bringing handsome men to Fool's Gold to chat!
The women of Fool's Gold are warm and loving -
Firemen, bankers never dull or boring.
Dakota, Nevada, and Montana are powerful women
Who want men to offer a little piece of heaven.
So pack your bags, book your flights...
The Fool's Gold women are just in sight.
Only Mine, I’ve Got
Hendrix trips you’re hot
Now that Finn has a goal
Our boy is on a roll!
Fools Gold (clap, clap, clap;) Go, Fight, Win (clap, clap)--- go get your men! (shout yeah and clap) submitted by Marilyn Shoemaker

Dedicated to the 2011 Varsity Fools Gold Squad

Hey all you Fools Gold fans let me hear you clap your hands
Now that you got the beat let me see you move your feet
Now that you got the groove let me see your body move
Say it louder, Say it louder
Fools Gold got the power. submitted by Marilyn
Fool Gold is being sold, Only Mine is hard to find! What's this mean for the squad? We'll likely be re-hired for our job!! GOOOOOOOOO FOOLS GOLD!!!! submitted by Tiffany
SIT BACK AND FEEL THE FOOLS GOLD. submitted by Marilyn
FOOLS GOLD JUST CAN'T BE STOPPED! submitted by Marilyn
Volleyball Cheer for the Fools Gold Women\'s Varsity Squad Bump, set, spike, score, Never let it hit the floor, Beat them, bust them, that\'s our custom, Go Fools Gold!! submitted by Marilyn
I love my Fools Gold Cheerleading Team
Honestly, they are a such a dream

We're all such fans of Fools Gold
There are so many stories yet to be told

So here's to the team
Continue to grasp for your dream!

xxoo submitted by Marilyn